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Commercial Customers

The District evaluates backflow requirements for businesses on an individual basis when an account is established or upon a sanitation survey conducted by our CCC specialists. Businesses that present an actual or potential backflow hazard are required to install a backflow assembly that is commensurate to the degree of risk. Upon installation the assembly will need to be tested by a certified third party Backflow Assembly Tester and then inspected by our CCC Specialist.

The District determines the degree of risk by evaluating the type building, what businesses are present, how the water is used & by what type of equipment or appliances are connected to the building water supply that pose a backflow hazard.


Types of buildings that are required to install a backflow assembly include, but are not limited to:


  • Car Washes

  • Commercial Laundries or Cleaners

  • Food Processing Plants

  • Hospitals, Medical Centers, Nursing Homes, Veterinary, Medical and Dental Clinics, and Blood Plasma Centers.

  • Laboratories

  • Metal Plating Facilities

  • Piers and Docks

  • Wastewater Lift Stations and Pumping Stations

  • Survey Access Denied or Restricted Buildings

  • Buildings with dedicated fire sprinkler lines


Other buildings and businesses may be required to install a backflow assembly based on a sanitation survey conducted by our CCC Specialist or at the District Managers discretion.


If you are required to install a backflow assembly

The District will notify you by mail. The letter will contain specifications on what type of assembly is required as well as specifications on how the assembly will be installed. Please follow these steps to insure a clean and trouble free installation:


  1. Install the backflow assembly according to our specifications. We strongly advice you to hire a professional for the installation of the assembly.

  2. Test:  Contact a third party certified Backflow Assembly Tester to conduct the test. Once completed, the tester shall submit a copy of the report to the District.

  3. Inspection:  Once the assembly is installed contact the District and schedule a time for our CCC Specialist to inspect the assembly.

  4. Annual testing:  Upon completion of steps 1-3, the backflow assembly must be tested annually thereafter. The District will notify you by mail when its time for your annual test.


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