Darold P. Doell


Darold Doell's community service spans over 30 years as both Water and Fire Commissioner.  In both positions, he constantly strived to improve services and maximize utilization of the ratepayers' dollars.

Darold Doell wants Water District 20 ratepayers to know:

* Is non-partisan and will represent each District member with fairness and equality.

* A strong custodian for ratepayers' funds by maintaining the purest and most efficient water system for your dollar.

* Has earned the reputation as an experienced business leader who is friendly, knowledgeable, and is especially understanding of the water needs within the District.

* Project Manager for numerous multimillion dollar Geo-Thermal and Water projects.

Darold is a long time Burien resident.  A retired Air Force Officer that has spent his entire adult life serving country and community.  Has Bachelor of Arts and Masters degrees in Business Administration.  Married with two grown children.