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Rpba Installation Guide

This Document serves as a guide for the installation of an Rpba inside the boundary of Water District #20.  All installations must be inspected and approved by the Districts Cross-Connection Control Specialist. Please contact  the District within 2 business days to schedule an inspection.

  • Assembly shall be installed on the customers side of the meter prior to any branch or tee on the service line.

  • An Rpba shall be installed in the orientation for which it is approved. (E.G. horizontal/vertical) either orientation shall have the relief valve installed horizontally.

  • Insulation shall not obstruct relief valve from discharging to atmosphere

  • Install Assembly according to the manufacturers specifications.

  • Assembly must be installed above ground in a heated or insulated enclosure.

  • Water District #20 highly recommends freeze protection. (Insulation or padded wraps)

  • Assemblies greater than 2 1/2" shall be supported to protect the flange from damage.

  • Assembly shall be installed a min. of 12" above grade measured from the relief vent.

  • Installed Assembly shall be rigid and stable

  • Installed Assembly should be easily accessible for testing and maintenance.

  • There shall be 2 drain holes equal in size to the relief vent.

Ball shut off valve


Type "K" copper

= to dia. of RPBA

1' min

3' max

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