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Gary G. Coy


As a second generation Washingtonian, my early years were divided between living in the Highline neighborhood and Summers in Southeastern Alaska. It was during my time in Alaska that I started working as a commercial fisherman. This profession continued for seven seasons and kept me busy through graduation from Highline High School and into my next job at Boeing. In the early sixties my time was spent at Boeing until I joined the Army in 1965. My two years of service were spent in Southeast Asia. Upon my return home, Boeing accepted me back and immediately started school again. New opportunities arose and I found myself leaving Boeing and working in Sales for two large companies over the next seven years. The mid seventies introduced me to commercial real estate, and so began a new career. It was through commercial real estate that I became involved in the many facets of business that I enjoy today.


Prior to being appointed to the board of Water District #20, I had approximately eight years experience on the board of Water District #85 that became part of WD 20 in 2003.

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