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Residential Customers

Residential customers may be required to have a backflow assembly installed under the following conditions:


  • You have an irrigation system connected to your plumbing

  • You have a fire sprinkler system connected to your plumbing.

  • You have a seperate irrigation meter

  • You have an approved or unapproved auxiliary water supply

  • All new service installations or upgrades



If you are planning on installing a fire sprinkler system or an irrigation system


  1. Install the backflow assembly according to our specifications. We strongly advice you to hire a professional for the installation of the device.

  2. Test:  Contact a third party Backflow Assembly Tester to conduct the test. Once completed, the tester shall submit a copy of the report to the District.

  3. Inspection:  Once the assembly is installed, contact the District and schedule a time for on of our CCC Specialist to inspect the assembly.

  4. Annual testing:  Upon completion of steps 1-3, the backflow assembly must be tested annually thereafter. The District will nofify you by mail when it is time for your annual test.


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