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Russ has served his community faithfully for all his adult life. He worked at the North Highline Fire Dept. for 42 years where he retired as Chief of the Dept.  After his service with the Dept. he has continued to work within the community. He has served as President or V.P. of many organizations some of which include the Highline Exchange Club, Volunteer Firefighters Assoc., King County Fire Chiefs Assoc. and the White Center Chamber of Commerce.

Russ has been elected as both the President and the Secretary of the Board of Commissioners of Water District #20. He has been instrumental in developing policy that helps improve the water system through annual Capital Improvement Projects that have focused on increasing main size to improve fire flow and the installation of new fire hydrants to provide better coverage.

As both a Commissioner and a Resident within the service area of King County Water District #20 Russ will continue to help insure that you receive safe clean water for you and your families.

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