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Scheduled Meetings

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Location: 12606 1st Ave S.

Burien, WA 98168


Commissioners Meetings

are held on the First and Third Wednesday of Every Month at 10:00 AM

2024 S. 128th Street Water Main Replacement Project.

Notice is hereby given that King County Water District No. 20 has engaged SCI Infrastructure, LLC (Contractor) to undertake the replacement of specific water mains in the vicinity of  the Boulevard Park Neighborhood along the S. 128th Street Corridor. This replacement project will be carried out along S. 128th St, spanning from Occidental to Des Moines Memorial Drive. The scope of work includes the replacement of aging 6" and 8” Cast Iron water mains with new 12" Ductile Iron Water mains


Click here to see project location.

Office Hours

8:00am to 4:30pm Monday - Friday (except holidays) 

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Payments are posted the following business day.

If your meter is locked, call the District  office.

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2023 Water Use Efficiency

King County Water District No. 20 adopted the Saving Water Partnership Regional Conservation and Water Use Efficiency Goal is to Keep the total average annual retail water used by Saving Water Partnership members under 110 million gallon per day through 2028 regardless of forecasted population growth, this is achieved through reducing per capita use.

Water District No. 20 is one of a group of 19 total utilities that purchase wholesale water from Seattle Public Utilities and is part of the Saving Water Partnership Regional Water Conservation Program administered by Seattle Public Utilities. Water District No. 20 has set a distribution system leakage threshold of less than 10% for annual water loss. The goal is achieved through the annual water main leak detection program and meter replacement programs. Ratepayers are notified if meter readings indicate excessive usage or possible leaks detected through meter readings and/or the leak detection program. The 3-year average for the District is 6.6% System Leakage.

Click Here to see this years Water Use Efficiency

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