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​An Explanation of Your Water Bill

King County Water District 20 measures water consumption in CCFs or hundred cubic feet.  One CCF is equivalent to 748 gallons.  Water usage is billed at two rates. Usage over 10 cubic feet (7,480 gallons) is billed at a higher rate to encourage and reward water conservation.


Fixed-rate charges are expressed monthly however your bill will arrive once every two months. 

Take advantage of this most efficient way to pay.  Download and complete the Authorization Form and return it to the District office with a copy of a voided blank check.

Click 'Pay Now' to make a single waterbill payment,

or register your account to make a payment and save payment information to use again.

If your meter is locked, call the District  office.

Payments will be posted the following business day.

Important:  DO NOT pay prior water bills which may be listed as unpaid.  Only the most recent water bill listed reflects the amount to pay at this time.

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